MMA Training
December 04th 2010

Mace workout..over 100 reps 35 lb KTtraining

The mace is a great tool for training.. whether mma, grappling Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, wrestling or any sport. It will give you tremendous improvement in shoulder strength, flexibility, range of motion, wrist/grip/hand strength, balance, torso/rotational strength and muscular endurance. At the end I demonstrate the karl Gotch push pull exercise lifting high. Also a * very important note*.. You will not see me bringing the Mace ONLY to a diagnol 10 oclock finish.. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BRING THE MACE ALL THE WAY TO A 12 o clock finish. To stop early prevents alot of the benefits. Try it and see..much more challenging. I also see a lot of guys using their shoulders as a fulcrum to complete the re

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